Host your next community event or gathering at the HLCC

Our building is available for private events that don’t involve alcohol Thursday and Saturday evenings and all day Sunday. Upstairs, we have a large function room with a stage and available tables and chairs, a smaller side room which can seat around 20, and a kitchen. Downstairs, we have a smaller function room. The main hall can seat around 150 people as an audience, or around 80 at tables. There is on-site parking for around 50 cars.

We charge a $100 cleaning fee plus $100 per hour, and we ask that you take home your garbage and recycling. There is also a $100 refundable security deposit.

Registered non-profit organizations are eligible for a 30% discount on one time building event rentals. Proof of non-profit status is required to receive the discount. We may host your meeting/event for free if it is open to everybody in the Haller Lake neighborhood, of broad interest, non-commercial, and there is no entrance charge or membership requirement. You are still responsible for the cleaning fee unless it is sponsored by a member in good standing who knows how to clean up.

Current members with a history of at least two years of membership in the last five years can get a 50% discount for events. Life members can use the facility for a personal event up to once per year for free, and don't pay for cleaning if they clean up adequately.

Discounts apply only to the hourly rental, not the cleaning fee nor security deposit.

We do not allow smoking or vaping of anything on site.

We do not allow alcohol on site .

To request a rental, email us.

Groups Sharing our Building

CREATIVE DANCE CENTER For several years now, the Haller Lake Community Club building has been the home to the Creative Dance Center and Kaleidoscope Dance Company. The Creative Dance Center offers a variety of classes for students of all ages from babies through seniors. They use most of the building each week day during the day, Monday to Wednesday in the evening, and Saturday morning. We are proud to partner with them!

PUGET SOUND THEATER ORGAN SOCIETY The PSTOS owns and maintains our cool theater organ and gives occasional concerts, usually open to all.

NORTHWEST FLY ANGLERS The Northwest Fly Anglers Club meets here on the third Thursday of every month except July and December from 7:30 til 10:00 pm, with an educational demonstration usually happening at 7:00 pm.

Our Fancy Organ

One of the better kept secrets in North Seattle may well be the wonderful theatre pipe organ tucked away in Haller Lake Community Club. With its three manuals (keyboards) and eight sets of organ pipes, it is similar to the organ enjoyed by thousands of patrons at the former “Pizza & Pipes” restaurant in the Greenwood area during the 1970s and ’80s.

Theater organs were developed beginning about 1912 for a specific purpose-to provide accompaniment to the silent movies of the time. When sound came to the big screen in 1927, organs were no longer needed, and the early 1930s brought the end of production. Over the years many were dismantled, lost in fires, moved to other venues such as churches and roller rinks, and some were installed in private residences. A truly American invention, they are a unique part of American musical history.

The organ at HLCC is the focus for a number of events at the Club each year. Valentine’s parties, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, “Pipes & Pizza” events, Oktoberfests and holiday parties become especially unusual and festive with live music provided by talented musicians on the fascinating theater pipe organ.

The instrument is owned and maintained by the Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society (PSTOS), and never had a theater home. Originally installed in Dayton Ohio’s Eagles Hall in 1926, it was eventually sold to a private party who moved it to Seattle in the 1960s. It was acquired by PSTOS and installed in the clubhouse in 1968 through the interaction of members of PSTOS and Haller Lake Community Club. Harry Harkness, then HLCC president, is to be credited with having the vision of the organ as a positive community asset, and helped to pave the way for the two groups to work together to install it. Dick Chang, another active HLCC member, was an enthusiastic part of the installation crew.

For more history and technical specifications for the organ, please see the PSTOS page on it.