We are a non-profit 501(c)(4) (EIN: 91-6056447) and an all volunteer and membership based organization.

The Haller Lake Community Club’s Mission:

To connect, inform and engage the Haller Lake community through social and civic programs and activities.

The Goals of the Haller Lake Community Club:

  • Provide a welcoming, inclusive gathering place to build Haller Lake community connections

  • Provide sound governance of HLCC and the building/property

  • Increase membership and participation in HLCC through programs and activities tailored to the needs and interests of our community

HLCC Current Board Members


If you would like to get involved with a HLCC Committee, please contact hallerlakecc@gmail.com!

Foundations Committee:

Goal: Welcome and engage new Club members while remembering, preserving and honoring the strong past of the HLCC. This committee seeks to preserve the longevity of the HLCC through membership, hospitality at monthly Club meetings, emergency preparedness and chronicling the history of HLCC.

Officers: Senior Trustee, Second Trustee, Third Trustee and Treasurer


• Historian (Randy Harkness)

• Membership (Don Thornton)

• Advisory (Doris Harkness)

• Emergency Hub Captain (AJ Pogue)

• Special Projects and Grants (Open)

Events Committee:

Goal: Plan, host and execute community events for HLCC members and neighbors to participate and engage in.

Officer: Vice President and First Trustee


• Community Service (Open - Patricia Stordeur, acting)

• Family Events (Robynn Lowery)

• Games Night (Jesse Hawkins)

• Monthly Meeting Refreshments (Patricia Wolfram)

• Puget Sound Theater Organ Society Liaison (Marita Niemann)

Communications Committee:

Goal: Inform HLCC members and neighbors about upcoming events and issues of importance to the Haller Lake Community.

Officer: Secretary and President


• Webmaster (Ethan Bradford)

• Social Media (AJ Pogue)

• Splashes Newsletter (Peter Wolfram-Aduan)

Community Engagement Committee:

Goal: Engage in community groups, issues and organizations that are relevant to the identity, foundation and community of Haller Lake.

Officer: President and Vice President


D5 Community Network Liaison (Don Thornton)

• Land Use (Sean McEwan)

• Northgate School Liaison (Patricia Wolfram)

• Parks (Carolyn Crockett)

• North Seattle College Presidents Advisory Board (Patricia Wolfram)

UW Medical Center - Northwest (Shawn MacPherson)

• Public Safety (Celia Matson )

• Re-envisioning Northgate (Karen Craddick)

Tenants Committee

Goal: Cultivate, maintain and manage future and existing tenant relationships and contracts with the HLCC.

Officers: President, Vice President, First Trustee and Treasurer

Justice, Equity and Inclusion Workgroup

Purpose: We intend this to be the first of many efforts we will take to begin aligning our actions and our activities with our social justice values.

Members: Karen Bamert, Carolyn Crockett, Patricia Wolfram, Sheryl Grater, Robynn Lowery, Anastasiya Smirnova, Randy Harkness, and Patricia Stordeur.