The Haller Lake Community Club exists because of dedicated volunteers and paid memberships. In addition to supporting the Club’s activities, here are some of the activities you can participate in:

  • Club meetings and events, such as holiday parties, the holiday craft bazaar, candidate nights, and programs on issues of importance to the community.

  • Access to members-only events such as the annual picnic.

  • Notification of special events, activities, and community issues.

  • “Splashes” (the Club newsletter), our website (, and our presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and

  • Volunteer and vote on club leadership, and help decide what activities the Club should sponsor or support.

  • Support for community institutions such as Northgate Elementary School and North Helpline.

Business Members

The Haller Lake Community Club thanks the following business members for their support. To join as a business member use the drop down menu above and click "Buy Now."

Founder and Artistic Director: Anne Green Gilbert School Director: Terry Goetz

12577 Densmore Ave. N Seattle, WA 98133



(206) 362-2446