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September 2019

Land Use:

  • Sprouts is finally under construction! They've been working on demolition of the old canopy structure.
  • The Seattle OCPD rescheduled the community workshop for the 130th/145th Street Station Area Planning for September 28th.
  • Related to the station planning is the decision whether or not to expedite the construction of the station at 130th Street. Sound Transit is scheduled to make this decision at their meeting on November 21. Either they decide to expedite and build the station in sequence with the extension to Lynnwood (scheduled to open in 2024) or it likely gets pushed to 2031. A forum was held on Monday over in Broadview with Juarez to discuss. I've heard there is video of the event on the 130th Street Station's Facebook page.
  • Floor & Decor ( https://www.flooranddecor.com/ ) still appears to be working toward a construction permit to occupy the former Sam's Club space. In looking at their plans, it looks like they will occupy the northern portion of the store leaving about 50,000 sf for another potential tenant.
  • The new apartment building to replace the one that burned down a while back at 11224 Meridian Ave N is close to receiving their Master Use Permit.
  • No big news on Halcyon. I have seen nothing in City Council news related to this. I reached out to staff at Juarez's office again to see if they had any updates.
  • The development proposed at the Lincoln Towing site (122 town houses) continues to work on getting their master use permit application. We'll be hearing from Quadrant Homes at an upcoming meeting.
  • The Northgate redevelopment continues to work through the process of obtaining their master use permit. I saw they have applications in for some demolition permits and if you've been over there I'm sure you've seen all of the store closures. There also continues to be lots of proposed multi-family projects to the east of the mall.
  • Construction is crawling along on the expansion of the mini-storage business on 130th directly to the north of the Granite Curling Club.
  • The classroom addition along the north side of Ingraham High School looks complete.
  • Helene Madison Pool

The facility is now closed for renovation. Refurbish existing pool bulkhead. Demolish and replace roof, install insulation and provide seismic structural upgrades. Demolition and repair of stucco walls, siding, and clerestory windows. Demolish and replace lighting fixtures.

Update from Sean McEwan, Chair of the Haller Lake Community Club Land Use Committee.

Northgate School Report

By Randy Harkness - Northgate Liaison

A new sidewalk and curbing are being installed along east side of Meridian between 115th and 117th. This thanks to City of Seattle “Safe routes to School” program. I talked to a project manager and he said the job should wrap in two weeks, weather permitting.

Here are a few demographics from Northgate as we start the 2019-20 year:

White Students 50

Non-white 200

Highest home language spoken: Spanish

Families/students in shelter: 30%

Northgate continues to have a thriving after school care program offered by Boys and Girls Club, free after school academics, and free enrichment classes including swimming cooking, jump roping and photography.

I’m teaching third grade science. Our first unit is indoor planting and today’s went smooth.

First Trustee Report: Rentals update

By Patria Stordeur

  • Personal rental report – mostly raves, one small rant
  • A few requests for holiday parties that have not been very responsive so far – need to nail down our own holiday schedule for future date availability
  • Harvest Party request from Darcelle – NO GUM!

Public Safety

By Karen Craddick

Aurora Ave

At the September 4, 2019 North Precinct Advisory Council (NPAC) meeting, Captain Eric Sano shared concerning news about the Aurora corridor between N 85th St and N 130th St. Due to the Seattle Police Department's (SPD) level of concern increased patrols, emphasis and the SWAT team are being deployed to Aurora Ave between N 85th and N 130th to help decrease crime. This is because year to date there have been twenty one homicides in Seattle and ten of those twenty one homicides were shootings on Aurora between N 85th St and N 130th St. The captain believes that eight of them were related to prostitution and pimps fighting for territory. It is believed that more prostitutes are soliciting on Aurora due to the Shutdown of Backpage and other websites. Please call 911 to report prostitutes you see on Aurora to help officers, also please call if you find spent bullet casings on Aurora. We are very hopeful that the SPDs emphasis and focus will help to decrease crime on Aurora. Thank you, SPD.

North Precinct

At the the September NPAC meeting Ben Noble, Director of the City Budget Office, shared some news on a new North Precinct. Ben shared that the City acknowledges the need in the north percent and has indicated willingness to accept debt for a new precinct. The Mayor has a team working on the new North Precinct design. Some funds in the current budget are paying for improvements at the current North Precinct until a new one can be built. The city is considering splitting the North percent into two, or creating satellite precincts in the North end. With the increased crime on Aurora (mentioned above) and issues in Ballard, you can imagine that the North Precinct is becoming a top issue for SPD and the Mayor in regards to Public Safety.