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Vote for Neighborhood Street Fund Projects

Dear Neighbors, This past fall, Haller Lake residents submitted project ideas to the Seattle Department of Transportation’s (SDOT) Neighborhood Street Fund 2019 Program. Many of the projects were accepted to move to Phase 2. See below for the accepted Haller Lake...

Please vote for the 2019 school levies

After a strong argument from Sheryl Grater and Robynn Lowery, the HLCC board voted to endorse the two current Seattle school levies. The special connection to our neighborhood is that Northgate school is first on the list for renovation if the building levy passes.

Proposed by-laws changes for 2019

We last updated our by-laws in 2017, fixing some reasonably important problems. There are a few things in the current by-laws which don't correspond to our current or (in our opinion) best practice. Here are the changes: The eastern border is I5, not 5th avenue.An...

Trees down in HLCC front lot

The wind storm on Friday evening brought down two trees from the lot to the south. Fortunately, they fell in the parking lot. The power line is stretched but unbroken .Phone is out .

Balls and Ropes for Northgate

Randy Harkness writes: Hi All, Once again I’ll be collecting cash and check donations for Northgate’s PE program.  Mr.  Reynolds, the teacher, still needs more gym mats among other things.  HLCC provided a good start last year.  I’ll gather funds at the next two...

2018 HLCC Survey Results

This summer, we distributed a survey to the neighborhood.  Read more about how it was done and what we discoverd in Carrie McEwan's report which she presented in our November 2018 meeting.