Delinquent Parent Night


At Haller Lake Community Club board meetings, we often discuss methods of generating more interest in the club and getting more residents to come to the general meetings to enhance interest in community issues in which we all have a stake.

Perusal of old issues of Splashes has revealed that our forefathers came up with a rather novel idea to facilitate this about sixty years ago, when the club sponsored “Delinquent Parent Night” on January 6, 1950. “You will be delinquent if you are not there,” Splashes revealed to its readers. The 8:30 meeting time followed by the word “sharp” emphatically underlined, implied that latecomers would probably be similarly branded.

The meeting boasted an “ALL-STAR cast,” including the chief of the Juvenile Division at the Sheriff’s office, and the assistant superintendent of Shoreline Schools (Myron Ernst, whose house is now occupied by the Knudsons). The purveyors of this meeting were even hinting at the presentation of a “corny” three-minute skit.

“If someone accused you of being a delinquent parent, or aunt, uncle, neighbor or grandparent the sparks would fly, wouldn’t they?” the Splashes writer surmised, “so how about bringing the neighbor that you don’t think brings up his children like you would?”

Now do we really need to resort to this to get people to come to meetings? I guess it would be kind of fun to watch neighbors pummel each other with accusations concerning their bratty kids. After all, the Hatfields and the McCoys lived next to each other as well. But doesn’t Melinda Jacobson, our public safety guru, have enough to do? “Some experts who say there are no delinquent children are set to pin our ears back,” Splashes reported at the time. Now how could those “experts” have been right if the city wanted to build a prison in our neighborhood fifty-eight years later? If a resident is not involved, isn’t that like “pinning your ears back”? Remember, an “expert” is someone who is one page ahead of you in the instruction manual. There are those who say Dr. Spock’s expertise on baby care screwed up a whole generation of kids, but he also reassured us that “you are smarter than you think.” We at the club agree with that last statement. So how about coming to our meetings so we can appreciate your intelligence so we can make intelligent decisions which benefit us all? We will not accuse you of being delinquent parents. Thanks!