The Haller Lake Community Club connects, informs, and engages the community through social and civic programs and activities.   It is the voice of the Haller Lake neighborhood.

The Haller Lake Community Club exists because of dedicated volunteers and paid memberships.  In addition to supporting the Club’s activities, here are some of the activities you can participate in:

  • Club meetings and events, such as holiday parties, the holiday craft bazaar, candidate nights, and programs on issues of importance to the community.
  • Support for community institutions such as Northgate School, Mary’s Place Family Center, and North Helpline.
  • Access to members-only events such as the annual picnic.
  • Notification of special events, activities, and community issues.
  • “Splashes” (the Club newsletter), our website (, and our presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and
  • Volunteer and vote on club leadership, and help decide what activities the Club should sponsor or support.
  • Business members are acknowledged on the business member page on our website.

The Haller Lake Community Club is an entirely volunteer, non-profit 501(c) (4) organization.  Maintenance of our historic Haller Lake Community Clubhouse is funded by rental income, primarily from the non-profit Creative Dance Center.  Membership dues support club activities, and are not tax deductible. 

Our membership year is from October 1 through the following September 30.

  • Optional.
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