Officers and Trustees

Robert Laing


Sarah Benki-Nugent

Vice President


Ethan Bradford


Shawn MacPherson



Jason Broad

First Trustee

Naeem Dowidar

Second Trustee

Sharon Emerson

Third Trustee

367 7657

Jo Dawson


as stated in the Bylaws.
The President of the Club shall supervise all activities of the Club: execute all instruments in its behalf: preside at all meetings of the Officers and of the general meetings of the Club: call such meetings of the membership as shall be necessary other than the regular monthly meeting of the membership: appoint all the committees with the exception of the nominating committee and act as ex-officio member of each committee except the nominating committee.
Vice President
The Vice President of the Club shall act for the president in his absence: serve as program chairman: and perform such acts as the president may direct.
It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Club to keep all records and to record the business of the Club and of the Officers; conduct all correspondence; and to perform such other acts as the president may direct.
The Treasurer shall receive and be accountable for all funds belonging to the Club; pay all obligations incurred by and authorized by the Club; maintain bank accounts in depositories designated by the Officers; and render periodic financial reports. The President shall appoint one of the Managing Trustees to manage a separate Security and Damage Account.
Managing Trustees
The senior, second and third managing trustees shall, as a group, be charged with the reservations, maintenance and control of the use of the physical assets, effects and property belonging to the Club. Regarding such property, they shall keep a full and accurate account of all the receipts and disbursements and render a complete financial report to the Club at the close of each annual period. They shall further render periodic financial reports to the Board of Directors and the Officers as may be required by such Boards.
Advisory Trustees
The Advisory Trustees shall, as their primary function, act as advisors to the Officers and perform such other functions as the Officers may from time to time direct.