The Haller Lake Community Service Committee volunteers provide services to benefit our community. People become involved in community service for a wide range of reasons. For some, serving their community is a way to simply give back to their community. The term “community service” refers to projects that members of an organization perform for the betterment of the community. Examples of community service projects include (but are not limited to): Providing transportation to those in need, grocery shopping, pharmacy etc., cleaning a park, providing food or clothing to the homeless, hold a clothing drive for the needy, reading, singing or just visiting people in nursing homes or hospitals, helping a local school by regularly donating supplies for needy students, joining a Block Watch program in your neighborhood.

We welcome your suggestions and assistance so please feel free to contact us.

Patricia Stordeur



Braxton Ehle



Marita Niemann



Randy Harkness



The Haller Lake Community Club historian maintains the club’s archives, which include various news articles and correspondence relevant to the Haller Lake community since its founding, as well as photographs of various club events donated by individual members.  It is also the historian’s responsibility to keep the archives current by compiling information from the media which is relevant to the community, as well as dealing with inquiries concerning the history of the area from outside parties.

Greg Dziekonski



As the Club’s Host and Hostess, at each Club meeting we prepare a table in the foyer for Name Tag trays and any club or community information. We help arrange chairs in the auditorium and set-up the speaker system, greet people as they arrive, answer questions from visitors and new members about the club, provide Membership Forms for new member enrollment, make name tags for new members and Life members and after each meeting, stack and store chairs and return name tags alphabetically to trays.




The major duty of the Land Use Chairperson/Committee is to become informed about land use issues affecting citizens of the Haller Lake community and to inform the community through our meetings and newsletters. These land use issues may not be just in our own community, but also in adjoining communities as well, such as Broadview, Northgate, Maple Leaf and Licton Springs or even citywide measures. The Chairperson/Committee obtains information by reading the city’s Land Use Bulletins on the web or mailed copies. Additional information is often gathered from city mailings, the Aurora Merchants newsletter, neighborhood/community newspapers and discussions with Land Use Chairpersons in other community councils. The Land Use Chairperson/Committee writes letters when asked to do so by the HLCC President and Membership. Land use issues may be handled alone or by a small or large committee depending on the significance. Some significant issues have been bus bases, a garbage transfer station and large warehouse type stores.

Sean McEwan



The Membership Chairperson/Committee is responsible for collecting and recording the yearly membership dues. We track by type – single, family, business, etc. and compile membership information such as: name, address, email, phone, length of continuous membership (Life Members). Periodically we mail new homeowners in the neighborhood an invitation to join the HLCC. We are looking for additional help to brainstorm and implement ideas for recruiting new members.

Angela Pogue



Shawn MacPherson 206-367-2344 



The role of the Parks Committee of HLCC is to promote and protect open space and urban wildlife habitat in the Haller Lake Neighborhood.  We work with Friends of Northacres Park (C. Crockett, Coordinator) to participate in periodic work parties at Northacres Park, the largest park in our neighborhood.  About half of the 20-acre park is native evergreen forest habitat with a variety of vegetation in the understory, including Oregon grape, salal, ferns, red huckleberry, trillium, and bleeding heart. Hummingbirds, raptors, woodpeckers, wrens, finches, and chickadees are among the many bird species using the park.  Native mammals include raccoons and mountain beaver. Thanks to Friends of Northacres Park (FNP), established in 1992, our Park has fewer invasive plants than many others.  Over the years, we have cut down holly bushes, dug up blackberry bushes, pulled up ivy, and weeded out morning glory and other invasive plants.  We also worked with the City and Citizens for Off-leash Areas (COLA) to reach an agreement for the design and operation of Northacres Off-leash Area (OLA) (northeast corner, accessible from ball field parking lot).  To protect native habitat, fenced “islands” were created within the larger fenced OLA.  Most of the vegetation within the protected islands is native, owing to work parties by Northacres OLA volunteers.  Northacres Park is located south of  NE 130th St, between 1st Ave NE and the freeway.

We also handle the street end park is at the west margin of Haller Lake, where N 125th dead-ends at the lake.

Carolyn Crockett 363-9527


The D5 community network represents concerns of all the neighborhoods in Seattle’s City Council District 5.

Don Thornton



This committee provides an interface between the police, other safety officers and the community.  It seeks to keep the community informed on issues relevant to our safety.

Karen Craddick – 



During our regular community meetings, refreshments are provided during the gathering time from 7:00 – 7:15pm.  A sign-up sheet is sent around for members to pick the month they would like to contribute desserts. We like to encourage homemade treats as the Haller Lake membership is known for their good cooks. The Chairperson needs to keep an inventory of supplies, cups, coffee, and so forth. It usually takes a couple of people to set up the long table in the north end of the auditorium. Everything is brought out on a wheeled cart from the kitchen. The coffee is plugged in near the table. Sometimes, the Refreshment Committee is asked to help at the Christmas Party and Spring Ice-Cream Social.

Patricia Wolfram
Doris Harkness



This committee is responsible for gathering articles and publishing the monthly newsletter.

Peter Wolfram-Aduan



Our Sunshine Chairperson is known as the “Card Lady”. She is most happy to send cards to our members for a Special Anniversary or Birthday, along with those that may be ill. Please don’t hesitate to call her with information about someone or a family in our membership that you feel we should acknowledge with a card and/or maybe flowers.

Cora Lea Doty 206-363-7181 



Our Telephone Chairperson reminds members of meetings and special activities when deemed necessary by phone or email.

Jo Dawson



This committee works to get more people involved with the club by connecting with neighbors as we are out in the community and telling them about club activities and making sure they know they are welcome to attend. We also talk with them and find out what kinds of events they would like to see happen at the clubhouse. Then an effort is made to schedule such events.




Organizes parties targeted at families with kids, like the Easter Egg Hunt and the Halloween Party.

Sheryl Grater



We host regular games nights at the club.  This committee helps arrange them.

Jesse Hawkins
Ethan Bradford