Haller Lake Community Club General Meeting June 6, 2019

Vice President Randy Harkness opened the meeting, our annual Ice Cream Social, with an introduction of Hitomi Silva’s Rhythmic Gymnastics class, who put on a great performance. The dancers ranged in age from 2 to 13 and always enjoy the chance to perform in front of an audience, and eat ice cream.

Randy then introduced Share the Cities speakers Jesse Simpson and Adam Katz. Share the Cities is a collection of volunteers who are trying to make housing more affordable in Seattle. Their goal is to find opportunities for development without displacement. The group was trying to obtain the Talaris property near Children’s Hospital but were too late in the process. They also targeted the Roosevelt reservoir, but it was needed for emergency water. They are now targeting Jackson Park golf course. Jesse spoke first about doing a survey around the future light rail stations at 130th and 145th. Over a 5-month time period volunteers put in 70 hours to go door to door between 125th and 145th, and Meridian and Lake City Way. They spoke with 52 homeowners and 24 renters about what they want to see near the light rail stations. Their goal is to create complete neighborhoods where residents can walk to everything. Patricia Stordeur suggested that they might take a look at Halcyon and see if they can assist them in keeping their low-income housing through a grant of some sort. They encouraged us to contact Patrice Carol with the Office of Planning and Community Development with questions. They closed with a short Q & A session and the consensus was that Shoreline is doing a better job of planning ahead for the light rail stations than Seattle.

Randy then introduced all the returning board having Shawn MacPherson, Secretary, John Niemann, Second Trustee, Dale Osterud, Third Trustee and Celia Matson, Treasurer all stand up as returning board members for next year. He then had Ethan Bradford, President, Rob Laing, First Trustee and himself say a few words as retiring board members or lame duck guys in his words. Ethan presented the President’s Inspiration Award for the year to Karen Craddock. Randy presented Ethan with a thank you card and gift certificate to Saffron Grill as a thank you for all his hard work. Randy then had our new President, Sheryl Grater, new Vice President, Karen Craddick, and new First Trustee Patricia Stordeur come to the front of the room and be introduced and installed in their new positions.

Meeting adjourned at 8:44 PM

Respectfully submitted by Shawn MacPherson