President Ethan Bradford call the meeting to order at 7:30 and mentioned upcoming meetings and praised our recent litter pickup.

Then he introduced Rob Laing to run the officer election.  We had “stump speeches” from all the candidates who were present.  Randy Harkness used his to officially withdraw from the race!  Ballots were distributed to all the members present, and they were counted by Rob and Marita Niemann while our main speaker presented.

Ethan introduced Randy who introduced Stephen Antupit, of CityWorks, Inc., a design consultant for Simon Properties, talking to us about the redevelopment plans at Northgate Mall.  There were at least 5 design reviews over the summer, and at last four more to come, the next being on June 10 concentrating on the open space and hockey ice.  The reviews happen at the Good Shephard Center in Wallingford.

The development will happen in several stages.  The first is the NHL practice facility, located where Macy’s is now (on the east, near the library).  In addition to offices for the team management, there will be three ice rinks.  Two will be purely for community use: there is pent up need for recreational ice hokey; one of these will have large doors allowing it to open onto the park.  The third rink will be primarily for practice ice (which will be publicly viewable), but will be available for community use when not needed for that.  It will cover140,000 square feet in all.

This will also include creating a park in front of the facility.

This first phase is on a tight time line because it needs to be available nine months before the new team starts playing.

Additional plans include 400,000 square feet of retail space, 400 hotel rooms, a million square feet of office space (mostly above retail below), a thousand apartments in five buildings, a grocery store, and 5,000 parking spaces (about the same number as now, but more compacted by using garages).

Q: How much of the apartments will be subsidized?

A: They will be market rate, but the county will be building low-income apartments on its land to the south.

Q: What office buildings?

A: The practice facility has some offices; on 103rd, across from 5 Guy’s Burgers; where JC Penny’s is now on 106th behind Alta (which is staying) — this will have the grocery store on the ground floor.

Schedule: Macy’s and Penny’s are closing now.  Nordstrom’s has a lease until 2023.  For this plan at least, nothing from Ben Bridge Jewelers north will be affected.

Q: Will this be like Thornton Place?

A: Yes.  The top height will be 7 stories (it’s zoned to allow 8).  There will be a diagonal walking path from the transit center to the library.

Q: How will it connect to transit?

A: The diagonal walking path.  A new ped/bike bridge over I-5.

Q: Will the streets be pedestrian and bike friendly?

A: Some will be pedestrian only.  All will be slow, with on-street parking and bike lanes.

Q: Will there be anything like the daylighting of Thornton Creek that happened at Thornton Place?

A: Runoff will be managed much better than now (it comes fast and dirty off of all that asphalt).  There will be rain gardens to slow and filter the runoff, esp. a big one at 103rd.  There will be green walls and vegetative screens.

Q: Where will we go to shop when it’s raining?

A: That’s going on-line.  We don’t need another U. Village.

Q: We’re mall walkers.  This is a social hub with folks playing cards and drinking coffee.

A: The northern part of the mall will still be there, as will the food court.

Q: Will there be restaurants?

A: Some retail isn’t determined.  The hotels certainly will have some.  Many restaurants will stay (the food court, and all to the north and west).

Q: What’s the schedule for the grocery store?  Which will it be?

A: They’re still looking for one.  This will be part of the second phase.

Q: Will there be any reconfiguring of the I-5 on-ramps?

A: He doesn’t know.

Q: The park and ride is going away.  Will it be replaced?

A: There is already a garage associated with the transit center.  There will be a garage in the county’s development, as well as a restaurants and housing.

Q: What about the “Penny’s garage”?

A: That will stay, as well as the new transit garage.

Q: Will Metro have a bus down 1st St.?

A: Metro is thoroughly revamping their routes in the area to eliminate many north/south buses that cover the light rail’s routes, and adding east/west connections to the light rail.

Q: The Seattle EDG process is hard to find on line.

A: Visit for an interactive map with links to development.

Q: What is the time line?

A: There are fifteen years of construction planned for all the phases of this.

Q: Are there plans for child care?

A: One may move in.  “Enterprise Community Partners” has a program they’re trying to get into the county affordable housing development to the south.

Q: Is there a plan for green spaces?

A: There’s the big central park south of the hockey ice.  It will include a splash park and a play structure.  The kids play area in the north of the mall will remain.  They’re looking at developing the existing service tunnel into a play area.  That would be after the NHL construction and before other development.

Q: What will be done to deal with all the people coming in?

A: Metro’s redesign.  They are starting a sounding board process now.  We should get somebody in to talk about it.

Q: What about Northgate North (Target, etc.)?

A: That’s not part of the development, but he hears that Citigate (?) apartments has got a broker for possible redevelopment.

After election results were reported, the president closed the meeting.