Haller Lake Community Club General Meeting April 4, 2019

President Ethan Bradford called meeting to order at 7:34 PM. He announced that a representative of Simon Properties (Northgate Mall) will our speaker at the May 2″ meeting. Game night will be on April 20th from 4 to 9 PM. The HLCC egg hunt will be at Northacres Park on the morning of the 20th at 10:00AM sharp, and Carolyn Crockett reported that the P Patch will hold a plant and seed swap on the 20th from 11AM to noon with a work party to follow. All are shown on our website calendar. Food bank envelope was passed around. Karen Craddock, public safety chair, announced that 5 of the Neighborhood Street Fund grants we had applied for were in the top 10 for getting votes. The top three that made the final list are for sidewalks along Roosevelt Way NE, and crosswalks for 128th and 122″ St. Karen also presented the slate of candidates from the nominating committee. For President we have both Randy Harkness and Sheryl Grater, for Vice President, we have Ethan Bradford and Karen Craddock, and for 15t Trustee, Patricia Stordeur.

Ethan introduced our speakers for the evening: Alexis Lair, community outreach specialist with Sound Transit for the Northgate station, and My Nguyen, who is the community outreach specialist for the 145th St. and 175th St. stations in Shoreline. Alexis started her presentation of a map of the expanded system, all the way to Everett, and eventually from West Seattle to Ballard. The Northgate Link Extension, which includes U District Station, Roosevelt Station, and Northgate Station, is scheduled to open in 2021, with the Lynnwood Link Extension, which includes Shoreline Stations, Mountlake Terrace Station, and Lynnwood Station, scheduled to open in 2024. Currently there are 22 stations open, with plans for 83 by 2041. Northgate will be an elevated station with a below grade parking garage next door. The bigger work is mostly done with the track slab now 80% complete. Testing goes on for 16 to 18 months once everything is finished. The U district stop at 43rd and Brooklyn will be 80 feet underground and will have University of Washington offices built on top of the station and a green street on NE 43rd St (buses only and bike/pedestrian friendly). Entrances are called “head houses”, and they will use different escalators going forward since the ones at the stadium station have been so troublesome. The Roosevelt station will be on 12th NE and 66th, and is also underground with no parking. Northgate will be 45 feet above ground with 2 entrances, and will have a 448 stall garage. There is also a bridge from North Seattle College that will cross 1-5 for pedestrians and bikes and the timeline can be found on their website. There is a permit-only parking option that will cost up to $120 a month for a parking spot between 4 AM and 9 AM. Eventually there will be a net loss of 100 parking spaces from the current numbers.

Ethan introduced Patrice Carroll from Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development, who was sitting in the back of the room, if anyone had questions for her.

My Nguyen was our final speaker for the evening, and he is the community outreach specialist for the 145th street light rail station in Shoreline. There will be a 500 space garage built at the station, and all four of the future stations will open together in 2024. These include 145th, 185th, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood. The proposed fill in station at N. 130th will be voted on by the Sound Transit board in November. If it doesn’t get fast tracked at this time, it will not be opened until 2031. Someone asked about how to influence the board for the early opening of the 130th station and the answer was to tell Debra Juarez who is very much in favor. The 145th station will be 45′ above grade, and tree removal will start soon. Each large tree removed will be replaced buy 4 — 5 gallon trees, and WDOT has agreed to care for the trees for 13 years. Some sound walls will be removed and replaced with temporary sound curtains, which may be left in place for 5 years. 5TH Avenue NE will be closed for 3 years between N 130th and N 145th for construction staging and work. A good neighbor commitment of advanced notice, outreach, safe and secure work site, clean work environment, minimization of dust and debris, keep traffic moving, and provide a 24 hour construction hot line have been promised. My can be reached at 206-370-5690 or emailed at .

Meeting was adjourned at 8:42PM

Respectfully submitted by Shawn MacPherson, Treasurer.