Dear Neighbors,

This past fall, Haller Lake residents submitted project ideas to the Seattle Department of Transportation’s (SDOT) Neighborhood Street Fund 2019 Program. Many of the projects were accepted to move to Phase 2. See below for the accepted Haller Lake projects. During phase 2, voting occurs to prioritize projects that will go to phase 3 for final voting. The projects with the most votes will get moved to Phase 3 and then hopefully selected, funded and BUILT! Online Voting will be open January 28 – March 1. Voting takes a few minutes, click the link below and prioritize the projects that are important to you and our neighborhood. Select ‘Council District 5’. You can prioritize as many projects as you would like. We are competing against all of District 5 — hopefully we can get at least one project in Haller Lake funded! Also, please forward this to your neighbors and friends. Consider engaging schools and businesses in the area too. See attached map showing exact locations of Haller Lake projects as well as the e-mail below from SDOT.

Click here to vote:

List of Haller Lake Projects as Titled on the SDOT Website:

by Karen Craddick, HLCC Public Safety Chair