Haller Lake General Meeting September 6, 2018

Candidates Night

President Ethan Bradford called the meeting to order at 7:30 with a welcome and a few announcements about memberships now being due, passed the food bank donation envelope and encouraged everyone to fill out our on-line survey if they have not already done so. Ethan then introduced Vice President Randy Harkness who explained that he invited all 10 people running for office and then introduced the 5 who joined us and explained the format for the evening.

First up was Craig Keller who is running against Pramilla Jayapal for the 7th district US house of Representative seat. He is a 55-year-old West Seattle resident who doesn’t believe in spending a lot of money on campaigns, is very much against illegal immigration, and showed us pictures of people who were murdered by illegal immigrants. He is a Republican, and this is his third campaign.

David Frockt is running for the 46th district State Senate seat which he has held since 2012 when he was appointed to fill the vacant seat of the late Scott White. David strives to be the voice of the 46th district in Olympia, is willing to work with both parties to get things done. He has sponsored 23 bills which have passed and cooperated on 17 more. His focus is the new Dream Ahead college savings program, school funding, community colleges and working through all the ramifications of the Mc Cleary decision. He is a Democrat.

Beth Daranciang is running against David Frockt. She has a master’s degree in Public Health and has been a resident of north Seattle for 26 years. She wants to give voters a choice and feels like there is not enough compromise in the state senate now that Democrats control the senate. She if for accountable, transparent government, and believes that compromise is a good thing. She considers a recent bill regarding surrogacy to be allowing child trafficking, and is a Republican.

Gerry Pollet is running for State Representative for the 46th district, position 1. He thanked the club for holding the annual candidate night and remarked that it is the only forum for the 46th district. He has held the position since 2011. He is also on the U.W. department of Public Health faculty, was previously active in advocating for the Hanford cleanup. His goal is to be accessible to the district meeting constituents on Saturdays when he is in Seattle. He feels that Washington has a very regressive tax system and that special education in particular in the Seattle School District is severely underfunded. He is a Democrat.

Javier Valdez was appointed to fill Jessyn Farrell’s seat for the 46th district for state representative, position 2, when she ran for Seattle Mayor last year. Javier is a first generation Mexican American from Moses Lake with a degree in Business Administration from the UW. He is a product of public education and wants others to be able to have the same opportunities that he has had. He is a City of Seattle employee for the last 22 years. He is on the Transportation, Education and Judiciary committee. He would like to see Washington drop the caucus system and go to a regular presidential primary system, and he is a Democrat.

Randy invited questions from the floor and there was a 25 minute question and answer session from the various candidates for a variety of subjects including homelessness, health care, education, ICE, levy caps, and child trafficking.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 and the candidates hung around for a bit to answer individual questions.

Respectfully submitted by Shawn MacPherson, Secretary