HLCC General Meeting May 3, 2018
Lee Bruch spoke about Aurora Ave area improvements. The city has over the years repeatedly
failed to fund such basic projects as sidewalks on this major thoroughfare. Lee cited numerous
opportunities (2008, 2015 and this year) to address this and other safety issues and told us that this
summer the city will resurface the entire stretch of road between the Aurora bridge and 145 th and
once again, no sidewalk work was included in the project. He is forming a coalition of community
groups to press the issue. The accident statistics are shocking….1,330 collisions, 3 fatalities, 811
injured, 53 bike-involved accidents over a 10 year period. See also:
https://www.theurbanist.org/2018/04/26/aurora-avenue- can-lost- opportunity-regained/

Tom Whittemore, the Community Engagement Coordinator from Dept of Neighborhoods spoke briefly
about the recent decision to site a new Tiny House community just south of the old bank where
Mary’s Place is situated. There will be a community meeting on Wed June 13 at 6pm at Bitter Lake
Community Center to discuss this. Tom did say this will not be a “low barrier” as such. They will treat
the tiny houses with the same privacy we all have in our homes, so there will likely be some
substance abuse, but they will have more on-site supervision to combat drug dealing. His comments
were intentionally short because the June 13 meeting will provide a good opportunity for the
community at large to hear about and have input to the project.

Tom also noted that the stretch of Ashworth just south of 130 th has been improved– -paving the path
and clearing the brambles.

7:30 pm business meeting:
On May 12 there will be a forest restoration day at Northacres. All welcome to participate. Watch
the HLCC website for details.
On May 19, our normal “game night” there will be the addition of a Silent Move with organ music and
a spaghetti dinner for sale ($9 for adults $5 for children) provided by “our own” Chef Paul.

The major business item for the night was the election of our officers for next year (starting in July
The following slate of candidates for the board was presented and elected by unanimous raising of
hands, there being no nominations from the floor.

Pres – Ethan Bradford
Vice Pres – Randy Harkness
Treasurer – Celia Matson
Secretary – Shawn MacPherson
1st Trustee Rob Laing
2nd Trustee John Niemann
3rd Trustee Dale Osterud

Terms of officers are for one year and no officers may serve more than two years in a position, in
accordance with our Bylaws.

The main speaker for the night was Carl Leon from Seattle Office of Emergency Management (OEM),
speaking about Emergency Preparedness. We all learned a lot, including various acronyms such as
SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare). Carl gave an introduction to some of the programs
Seattle uses to inform residents and manage events such as earthquakes, floods, landslides,
volcanos, power outages and weather emergencies both winter and summer! He also described
how to prepare and what to do during an emergency.
In addition to his powerpoint slides and comments, we were directed to the following website which
contains links to a wealth of information as well as interactive maps.
Our organization was recently given a grant to purchase basic emergency supplies so that the Club
could be a gathering place (aka “community hub”) in case of an emergency where information could
be shared and some (limited) assistance given when city services are not available and/or
communication is limited. Carl emphasized that neighborhoods could be “on their own” in many
respects during a major emergency.
It was a lively discussion and Carl indicated more training could be arranged through his office. Of
particular note, there is already an official “hub” at the Haller Lake P-Patch and others in the area
which can be located using the interactive map on the website. He also mentioned the Lake City
community has done a lot of planning and is considered to be the model for how neighborhoods can
prepare for self-sufficiency. We should all update our First Aid/CPR training if we haven’t already.
More preparedness materials can be found here:
Adjourned 9:00.
Respectfully submitted by Celia Matson, Secretary