In the 1960’s, we ran a survey asking what folks want for their neighborhood and in particular, what the Community Club could do for them.  That was very helpful, but the information has become a bit dated.

We’re putting out a new survey; if you want to preview it, you can contact us through the web site.  More importantly, we want to tell everybody in the neighborhood about the survey (and in the process, about the HLCC).  We’re going to print post cards.  We can pay the post office to deliver those to all the households in a carrier’s route, but that will likely get lost in the junk mail.  I’m going to deliver them to all my neighbors as an excuse to knock on their doors and introduce myself; can you do the same for your neighbors?

If there’s a chance you can help with the survey, please fill out this short form.  It asks for your contact info and where you might want to deliver postcards.