Haller Lake Community Club General meeting minutes. February 1, 2018

Vice President Randy Harkness called meeting to order at 7:31 PM. He announced that the club had raised $400 for the Northgate School balls and ropes program and money had been turned in. Randy then introduced our speaker for the evening, Thomas Whittemore from the Department of Neighborhoods, community engagement coordinator for the city of Seattle north of the ship canal. Thomas sends reports to the mayor’s office and Department of Neighborhood’s director Kathy Nyland.

He brought a lot of literature about various city programs and explained several including neighborhood matching funds programs, historic preservation, major institutions, and the People’s Academy for Community Engagement. He also mentioned a community liaison program to reach underserved populations, and the Your Voice, Your Choice program. He explained several changes to the HALA plan and said that the city council is getting close to a vote on the changes which are all geared to creating more affordable housing.

Randy Harkness mentioned the dead end street on Ashworth right off N 125th street and Thomas said there have been meetings with the homeowners on that strip of 5 houses, and there is a proposal under consideration to change it to no parking or limited hour parking.

The District 5 community network group is meeting on February 13th at the Mennonite Church in Lake City in the evening and Debra Juarez will be a guest for the first hour. Randy said he would be attending. Thomas remarked that the Lake City Future First group and Lake City Alliance are both very active.

Thomas was asked about the North Precinct police station situation and said that the latest is that they are going to be doing some renovations to the existing station by adding a gravel parking lot and also adding some portables to house the projected 50 new officers. The renovations are supposed to last the 5 to 10 years it will take the city to figure out what path to take going forward.

It was a poorly attended but very informative meeting for those in attendance, and was adjourned at 8:34.

Respectfully submitted by Shawn MacPherson for Celia Mattson