Here’s a message from Ben Peterson, with King County in charge of lake weeds.  You may remember the excellent talk he gave last November!

Hello Haller and Bitter Lake Folks,

Karen Peterson and I will be surveying Haller and Bitter Lakes for purple loosestrife on Wednesday the 19th.  Please have your purple loosestrife flowers/seedheads removed by that day if possible.  Also, if you can, spread the word to the community to let them know.

Also, if you have anything at the lakes (such as mystery plants or conditions of known other aquatic weeds) please let me know.  I will probably have time to check them out.

Thank you,

Ben Peterson
Aquatic Noxious Weed Specialist
King County Noxious Weed Control Program
201 S. Jackson St, Suite 600
Seattle, WA, 98104
desk (206) 477-4724, program line (206) 477-9333