Rob called the meeting to order at 7:30.

He reviewed upcoming events:
Lasagna and Pipes on Saturday.
A Puget Sound Theater Organ Society open-play event the next day.
Our next general meeting is June 1, with an ice cream social and officer installation.

Then Rob introduced the candidates as proposed by the nominating committee. He asked for nominations from the floor and none were offered. It was moved and seconded to vote for the slate as proposed, and passed by unanimous voice vote.

Then Ethan reviewed the changes in the bylaws. Rob provided printed copies of the new bylaws. There was one question from the floor: given the restriction on a candidate holding the same office for more than two years in a row, do each of the three managing trustee positions count as distinct positions? Ethan gave his opinion that they are distinct, i.e. that a candidate can serve as a different managing trustee after serving two years as a managing trustee.

It was moved and seconded to vote on the bylaws, and they passed by unanimous voice vote. They are now up on our web site.

At 7:45, Rob introduced Kellie Newton, of the Heart Perception Project.

She gave her story of nearly losing a friend over acromony due to the friend supporting a different side in the recent presidential election, and how instead they turned that into a project to help others connect across the growing cultural divide.

Rob thanked Kellie from the bottom of his heart.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:29.

Respectfully submitted by Ethan Bradford, HLCC Secretary.