Our nominating committee has proposed the following slate of candidates for next year:

President: Ethan Bradford
Vice President: Randy Harkness
Treasurer: Shawn McPherson
Secretary: Celia Matson
Senior Managing Trustee: Rob Laing
Second Managing Trustee: Jason Broad
Third Managing Trustee: Marita Niemann

The advisory trustees will be Jo Dawson, continuing, and Rob Liang, as past president.  Those positions are not (directly) elected.

Shawn is the current Treasurer and is eligible to run for one more term.  Jason is the current First Managing Trustee, switching to Second Managing Trustee.  Rob is the current President.  Ethan is the current Secretary.  Jason is the current Senior Trustee.  Marita has been an officer in the past in many roles and has been on the board as a committee chair in the past year.  Randy has been on the board for many years as the liaison to Northgate School.  Cilia will be new to the board.

Additional nominations will be welcomed at the May meeting from the floor.